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Fuel Innovation and Hire Generative AI & ML Developers

Terminal accelerates innovation and transformation with instant access to top AI & ML software developers in LatAm, Canada, and Europe. Find the critical skills you need - like LLMs, ML model development, NLP, and more- by hiring outside your borders.

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Supercharge your products with AI talent

Transform your business with hyper-skilled talent available through Terminal.

Train and Build Custom (LLMs)

Custom Large Language Models (LLMs) to supercharge your products and improve customer experiences.

ML Model Development

Craft machine learning / ML models to improve predictive analytics, automated processes, and product intelligence.

AI/ML DevOps

Streamline your AI / ML pipeline and infrastructure from development to deployment, ensuring scalibility and performance for the long-term.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Make your products more human and understandable leveraging NLP.

Statistical Modeling & Analytics

Find critical insights within your data without the pain of surfacing it manually.

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Why Hire AI & ML Developers With Terminal

Elite Global Candidates

Our exceptional engineers are ready to tackle your biggest projects.

Speed & Simplicity

Our talent pipeline is pre-vetted. Our processes are designed to help you scale fast.

Full-time or Contract Hires

Our members are fully invested in your success, and fully integrated into your business.

Remote Mgmt Experts

Our focus shifts the administrative burden of remote team management off of you.

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Customers love our AI & ML developer talent

Doug Aley, CEO - Paravision

Paravision hired an ML team across Canada to accelerate their roadmap

Andrew Backes
“With Terminal, we have recruiting and on-the-ground expertise in the markets where we want to hire. We needed a group of people who were experts in the laws in these markets, who could set up payment structures, who would provide an office where engineers could work, and who could handle all the other details for us. Having all that bundled together, that was game-changing.”

Andrew Backes

Head of Engineering, Armory

Melissa Baird
“To bring Hims to new heights, we know we are going to need more happy, invested team members – and we’ll continue to look to Terminal to find and support them.”

Melissa Baird

COO & Head of Technology, Hims

Russ Greenspan
“Turning to Latin America has significantly expanded the candidate pool for us. There’s so much good talent. I studied in Latin America myself, so I know firsthand the kind of creative thinking and quality engineers that you’ll find there.”

Russ Greenspan

CTO, PresenceLearning

Hire the AI Software Engineers You Need, Your Way

Our flexible hiring options let you hire the type of talent you need to achieve your goals.

Full-time Generative AI Developers

Hire top AI engineers as full-time employees and accelerate your vision. Full-time hires integrate deeply with your team, driving long-term value and building your company and culture.

Contract Generative AI Developers

Contract AI developers scale your projects with high flexibility and low risk. Get rapid response with on-demand AI & ML contractors without long-term commitments.

Contract to Hire Generative AI Developers

Contract to hire is a practical way to evaluate top AI engineers without long-term commitment. Contract to hire engineers reduce risks and ensure a perfect fit for you and the developer.

Learn About Contract to Hire

Instant Access to top AI developers for hire

Steeve B.

Sr. ML Architect and Engineer

10+ Years Experience


0 -> 1 ExperienceTop Company Experience
  • 15 years of Tech Lead experience
  • Worked for Microsoft and Ubisoft
  • Experience with Azure and Cloud Services
ML OpsPythonAzure

+ more

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Gui S.

Software Development Engineer

5 - 10 Years Experience


Top Company Experience
  • Worked for Amazon and Payer Sciences
  • 7 years of Tech Lead experience
  • Ecommerce and EdTech experience

+ more

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Haroon G.

ML / AI Engineer

5 - 10 Years Experience


Top Company Experience
  • Worked for Amazon and Google
  • Worked on Alexa team
  • Bachelor's in Computer Engineering

+ more

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Resources for hiring AI & ML developers

We've got you covered! In-depth guides help you hire AI developers, interview effectively, and more.

Guide to Hiring AI & ML Developers

Learn detailed strategies to hiring AI and ML developers, including sourcing, interviewing, and nurturing AI talent.

Read Guide to Hiring AI & ML Devs

ML Interview Questions & Answers

15 essential machine learning interview questions to assess the proficiency of engineers in key AI concepts.

Why Hire Nearshore AI Engineers vs Offshore

Compare AI engineers from LatAm and Canada to offshore in cultural and time zone alignment, cost, talent depth.

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