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Terminal's vetted, elite global talent pool helps you hire React developers 35% faster than traditional recruiting. Get instant access to elite React engineers, as we only accept the top 7% of developers.

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  • B.S. Degree in Computer Science

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Frontend Developer

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  • 5 years of Tech Led experience
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Andrew Backes
“With Terminal, we have recruiting and on-the-ground expertise in the markets where we want to hire. We needed a group of people who were experts in the laws in these markets, who could set up payment structures, who would provide an office where engineers could work, and who could handle all the other details for us. Having all that bundled together, that was game-changing.”

Andrew Backes

Head of Engineering, Armory

Melissa Baird
“To bring Hims to new heights, we know we are going to need more happy, invested team members – and we’ll continue to look to Terminal to find and support them.”

Melissa Baird

COO & Head of Technology, Hims

Russ Greenspan
“Turning to Latin America has significantly expanded the candidate pool for us. There’s so much good talent. I studied in Latin America myself, so I know firsthand the kind of creative thinking and quality engineers that you’ll find there.”

Russ Greenspan

CTO, PresenceLearning

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Guide to Hiring React Developers

  • What is React, and how is it used?
  • Why is React popular, and how will it benefit your business?
  • Roles and responsibilities of a React developer
  • What skills should a React developer have?
  • React interview questions and answers

What is React, and how is it used?

What if we told you that you could create sleek user interfaces with interactive features that keep customers coming back? Companies like Meta, Uber, Facebook, and Airbnb have been able to create stunning, high-performing apps that have blown their competition out of the water simply by incorporating the React library into their stack.

React is a frontend library that is built on JavaScript and HTML. It was released in 2013 by Jordan Walke. Since its creation, this library has become a favorite for building interactive user interfaces in single-page web applications. Although many people interchange the terms framework and library when describing React, the reality is that React is actually a library and not a framework.

This means that React developers for hire must identify the third-party libraries, tools, and packages that they need to build your startup’s app by themselves. React is a household name among frontend developers, and there’s a good enough reason for this. Its quick rendering speed, easy-to-understand syntax, and top-notch app testing tools make it an excellent choice for any company.

Why is React popular, and how will it benefit your business?

You probably know that React is the second most popular web framework globally. However, the question is, why? What makes React stand out, and why should your company hire React developers to build the client-facing side of its web applications?

Curious about this React's magic touch? Let's unpack the benefits of this library and explore how it can refine your product's quality and boost its performance.

  • Easy to Use: There’s only one major rule when it comes to building software - keep it simple. And React helps developers to do just that. Any developer with a decent knowledge of JavaScript can begin building programs with this library pretty quickly due to its short learning curve.

    If speed is a big concern for your company, then you should be looking to hire a React developer. The library’s extensive and straightforward documentation and easy-to-understand syntax will help your software team get on the same page relatively quickly and deliver on their expected deadlines.

  • Large and Supportive Community: According to the 2023 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, over 40.58% of professional developers use React. In addition, over 323,000 public repositories on Github match this library.

    The React developer community is very supportive. They constantly provide documentation and assistance to their colleagues, and you can be sure that when you hire React engineers, they will also have access to this ever-growing network. No matter the glitch your programmers run into, there’s always someone they can reach out to for assistance.

  • Scalability: The best businesses prioritize scalability when developing software solutions, and your startup shouldn’t be any different. As far as building for scale is concerned, you’d be hard-pressed to find a front-end library that supports massive exponential growth like React.

    React’s component-based architecture allows developers to compartmentalize their code into smaller fragments and work on each of these bits separately. So, you can hire a React developer to incorporate new features into your company’s app without fear of breaking its code.

    Furthermore, while most companies begin by offering their product as a web-based service, they eventually expand their reach by providing mobile applications. React is compatible with React Native, a framework that uses native APIs to display UI components for mobile apps. This means that your startup can quickly launch cross-platform software for handheld devices.

  • Super Fast Rendering: Nothing drives users away from a web application faster than clunky frames and slow rendering while scrolling. Fortunately, you can hire dedicated React developers to save your company from massive customer attrition.

    React operates a virtual DOM, a rendition of a user interface that is stored and reconciled with the actual DOM. With this technology, your software team can build faster, complex, high-performing apps.

    Using the React DOM library, React can compare the real and virtual DOMs and make changes only where required rather than updating all the aspects of your UI.

    In addition, React 16 has introduced React Fiber, a new reconciler algorithm that improves the framework’s ability to return multiple elements from a render function and allows functions to be paused or resumed depending on their priority.

  • Vast Number of UI Components and Packages: React offers several pre-built UI elements that can hasten your product’s launch time. You can hire React developers to create seamless client-side applications by incorporating popular React Component Libraries such as Chakra UI, Material UI, and React Bootstrap.

    In addition, there are currently 249,997 packages available for React via the Node Package Manager (NPM). This guarantees that your company will have all the tools to keep its web solutions secure and compliant with modern web development standards.

  • Straightforward Application Testing: Application testing is an essential step that must be carried out before your startup launches its product. This process guarantees that you ship a product that performs as expected. Thankfully, building with React makes it easy for developers to conduct unit, integration, and E2E tests.

    React’s reusable and declarative components help to make the process of writing tests simpler. This library provides many valuable tools for programmers to hasten the development cycle.

    Jest is an easy-to-install React testing framework that enables developers to perform techniques such as mocking, snapshot testing, and running tests. In addition, it works well with Enzyme, a library for testing React applications. With Jest and Enzyme, performance testing is easier and faster, and you can quickly spot errors that could impede your web application’s performance.

  • Very SEO friendly: Visibility on search engines could be the difference between a thriving business and one that fails to make payroll. React allows developers to write code that can be used on the client and server side of your company’s web application.

    This feature is known as isomorphic rendering. Isomorphic rendering coupled with React’s virtual DOM increases your app’s loading time and helps it rank higher on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

  • Unidirectional Data Flow: Unlike many other libraries, React only permits data transfer from parent to child components. In other words, modifications such as state changes will not affect parents.

    By preventing child components from changing data, this library ensures a smooth data architecture and facilitates easier information flow control. One of the many reasons why you should hire React developers to build apps for your startup is that they will be able to detect errors faster, and maintenance processes will take less time.

  • Reduces Development Costs: If you are looking for a web development library that will help your company save costs, React is an excellent pick. React’s reusable components, one of its standout features, enable developers to save time, ultimately saving your company money.

    Reusable components also reduce maintenance costs by allowing developers to make changes to a singular part of your company’s web app without the risk of breaking the entire code. Furthermore, React is an open-source library, meaning your team can share and modify its code without paying a cent.

Roles and responsibilities of a React developer

Many software teams usually fall short of the mark because there are no clearly defined tasks for each member of the crew. While scouting for React developers for hire to join your ranks is a commendable step, understanding the roles they'll take on and how they mesh with the rest of your team is equally crucial. Let's delve into these pivotal roles, shall we?

  • Collaborate with UI/UX Designers to Create Interactive Web Pages: A significant part of a React developer’s job involves translating ideas from UI/UX design wireframes into interactive web features. Your company will need to hire dedicated React developers to create buttons, forms, and other visualizations for the client-facing side of its web application.

    In addition to designing these front-facing elements on dynamic web pages, React developers must ensure that their algorithms are optimized for easy readability and peak performance. They will constantly work with component libraries such as Blueprint, Chakra UI, visx, and Material UI.

  • Create Responsive Web Applications: A webpage renders differently depending on the device type and screen size. React developers will help your company create responsive web solutions across different platforms, including desktop and mobile.

  • Software Testing: Software testing is critical for examining a product's performance before launch. Companies engage in this practice to ensure they ship a web application that offers an optimal experience.

    You need to hire React developers to test the interactive features and public APIs of components for your software. These programmers will work frequently with tools and frameworks such as Jest, Enzyme, and the React Testing Library to guarantee that your app meets user standards.

  • Troubleshooting and Debugging of Errors: Regardless of how efficient your software testing is, your web development team may be unable to detect every error in the company’s web application. Also, after launch, there may be performance issues that will require evaluation and prompt action.

    Companies hire React developers to participate in all phases of the project development cycle, including the post-launch period. Among many other responsibilities, they are expected to receive client feedback, identify errors in the software’s frontend code, and implement solutions to improve performance.

  • Building Reusable Components: When you hire a React developer to build an app for your startup, scalability is one of the many things they must consider. And one critical aspect of building for scale is creating reusable components.

    Frontend engineers who work with React create components such as search bars, forms, and buttons using Reach Hooks. These components help reduce time wasted rewriting code when building various instances of your application’s user interface and provide a code base for future web applications.

What skills should a React developer have?

Building a team is never easy; you need the right talent to stay ahead in a competitive market. It's one thing to be aware that you need to hire React developers to build your company’s web app interface. However, the challenge usually lies in identifying the best programmers to deliver a quality product within the stipulated time frame.

So, what should you look out for before you hire dedicated React developers?

  • Solid Understanding of HTML and CSS: Make no mistake - HTML and CSS are the bedrock of front-end development, and every React developer must have adequate knowledge of both languages.

    Before you hire React engineers, ensure they are comfortable using HTML tags and can easily manipulate flexboxes, implement responsive web design principles, and perform other more complex functions with CSS.

  • Competence with JSX: JSX is a JavaScript syntax expression used to write HTML code in React. This syntax is critical for React developers to learn because it allows them to build apps with the library’s API.

    So, if you want to build scalable applications without increasing the complexity of your code, you should hire React developers who are conversant with JSX.

  • Strong Grasp of JavaScript Fundamentals and ES6: No one can claim to be a job-ready React developer if they have no idea of the basics of JavaScript. As a CTO or hiring manager, you must ascertain that your potential employee understands variables, data types, objects, programming paradigms, loops, functions, and other core concepts.

    In addition to these concepts, they must know how to code with the ES6, the newest version of the JavaScript programming language. React developers for hire must be able to use DOM manipulation, event handling, callback functions, array methods, and arrow functions to build interactive, modern, and fast web applications with neat syntax.

  • Ability to Use Version Control Tools: Version control tools such as Git, GitLab, and Apache Subversion help developers keep track of and maintain different code versions. With these tools, your software team can evaluate your application’s performance under different scenarios and improve its performance.

  • Familiarity with Redux: For a long time, asynchronous state updates in React were a big challenge for developers. Fortunately, with Redux, your team can perform state management more efficiently. React developers must be competent with this library to simplify their web development process and meet deadlines.

React interview questions and answers

Looking for great interview questions for hiring a React developer? Check out our guide to React interview questions and answers.

For more FAQs on hiring React developers, visit our FAQs page

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