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Engineers from Canada, Latin America and Mexico watch a meeting virtually

Talent isn't limited to one zip code

Tap into top global hotspots to quickly scale your engineering team.

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Best-in-class engineering talent worldwide

Slack messages from Canadian, Latin American and Mexican engineers aligned across time zones

Time zone alignment

Build your team with engineers from dynamic hubs that allow for better team collaboration – your hires will overlap with your local team by 3 hours or more.

Three engineers look at computer together

Engineering talent hubs

Access hiring markets chosen strategically based on the availability of qualified engineers, their specialized skill sets, and their experience with key tech stacks.

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Cultural understanding

Count on Terminal’s localized hiring experts to spot great talent - they understand the nuances in interview and workplace culture within each specific global market.

Top international talent hubs for hiring

Globe with pin marking Canada


A premier global market for hiring top-tier engineers, Canada has innovative tech culture and thriving talent ecosystems in Vancouver, Toronto, and Kitchener-Waterloo.

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Globe with pins marking Mexico, Chile and Colombia

Latin America

Widely considered the next epicenter for international tech hiring, LatAm has an abundant population of skilled engineers in markets including Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

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Globe with pin marking Poland and Spain


With talented, senior engineers, a dynamic startup marketplace and English proficiency, Poland and Spain are the perfect hiring markets for your tech team.

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Andrew Backes

“Being able to hire in other markets is a huge benefit of Terminal. It takes a long time and substantial effort to build a business presence in a different market like Mexico or Canada. Now we have engineers on the team that feel like employees and not contractors. They’re included in the company just as much as anyone else and the experience is seamless.”

Andrew Backes

Head of Engineering at Armory

Why hire outside of the US?

When you team up with Terminal to hire globally, you access a pre-vetted pool of experienced engineering talent to grow your business fast. By building a remote team, you avoid the costs, complexity, and time it takes to relocate engineers to the US or set up a business presence in another country. Engineers love it, too. As remote-first culture shapes the future of work, remote employers can benefit from happier teams and increased retention.

Hiring Cost Calculator

Terminal’s free cost calculator shows you the cost to hire an engineer in a country abroad vs hiring domestic or US so you can more effectively budget for your global team!

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