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The State of Remote Engineering

2023 Edition

Terminal's State of Remote Engineering Report is back for its 4th year, with insights from 1000+ engineers on how economic uncertainties have affected their teams, as well as what they believe leaders can do to better support them during this difficult time. Plus, hear what they have to say on remote work, benefits, and what companies can offer prospective employees.

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Key Insights

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Companies have gone hybrid, but engineers want remote.

66% of global (non-US) engineers report they are working fully remote, a shift from last year when 82% of engineers were fully remote.

While many companies have shifted to a hybrid approach, - requiring employees to come into an office a few days each week - this doesn't match up with what engineers want. 80% say they want to work remotely at least 80% of the time.

Global engineers' ideal balance of remote vs. in-office work

I want to work remotely...

  • 0% of the time (3%)

  • 20% of the time (3%)

  • 40% of the time (4%)

  • 60% of the time (10%)

  • 80% of the time (25%)

  • 100% of the time (55%)

Salary dissatisfaction may drive turnover this year.

Despite economic uncertainty, 52% of respondents plan to look for a job in the next 12 months. 47% cite 'higher pay' as the main motivation for leaving. This number is significantly higher for Latin American engineers, with 78% reporting they plan to look for a new job.

Engineers who plan to start a job search in the next 12 months

  • Yes (52%)

  • No (28%)

  • Not sure (20%)

78% of Latin American engineers 
plan to look for a new job in the 
next 12 months.

The interview process is still broken.

Year over year, we've seen engineers struggle with interviews that have too many rounds (47%), long delays (44%), and generic formats (22%). While engineering and HR leaders seem to be aware of the struggle, engineers have felt little to no improvement in their interviewing experience over the past four years.

Issues experienced during engineering interviews

Too many rounds of interviews


Long delays




Interviewed by people who don't understand the role


Long distance travel for an in-person interview


Generic interview not customized to me


Technical exam or test


Whiteboard exercise/test


Video interview


Flexibility and clarity on vision are top asks.

Engineers at impacted companies believe leaders can better support them during this tough time. Almost half seek more clarity on their company's vision and strategy. 48% want more opportunities to work from home, and 27% want less demanding timelines.

Stability and culture hold major appeal for candidates.

While pay consistently ranks as a top factor in taking a job, this year stability, culture, and exciting work opportunities ranked in the top five. 25% of candidates chose stability as #1 while 19% indicated culture was most important to them.

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