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Talent markets | Blog Post

Why Hire Nearshore AI Engineers Instead of Offshore AI Developers

Todd Adams

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The debate between hiring nearshore AI engineers and offshore AI developers is tipping decidedly in favor of the former, especially when considering the remarkable progress in AI within Latin America and Canada. Choosing nearshore AI talent from these regions will set you up for success, highlighting their burgeoning AI ecosystems and the strategic advantages they offer.

Hiring Nearshore AI Engineers: The Strategic Advantage

Communication and Cultural Synergy

The geographical proximity of LatAm countries like Colombia, Mexico, and Chile, as well as Canada, to North America results in overlapping time zones and cultural similarities. This synergy facilitates smoother communication, a deeper understanding of business contexts, and more effective collaboration on AI projects.

Quality of Talent and Innovation

The AI engineers from these regions are not just abundant; they are part of rapidly advancing AI ecosystems. This exposure to cutting-edge AI developments ensures that the quality of talent available is exceptional. Hiring nearshore AI developers from these areas means accessing a pool of professionals who are on the frontline of AI innovation.

Building Long-Term Partnerships

Collaborative Relationships

The proximity of Latin American countries like Colombia, Mexico, and Chile, along with Canada, allows for stronger, long-term business relationships. Regular, face-to-face interactions are feasible, given the relatively short distance to travel, fostering a deeper understanding and collaboration that is often challenging with offshore teams.

Adaptability and Future-Readiness

Nearshore AI engineers from these regions are known for their adaptability and ability to scale solutions in line with evolving business needs. This agility is crucial in the ever-changing landscape of AI technology.

Significant Cost Savings and Developer Retention

One of the major benefits of hiring engineers from nearshore talent pools is the significant cost savings from hiring domestically.  Nearshore hiring can save you up to 60% over US hiring, depending on the role and country you hire from.

Beyond that, global engineers are proven to stay in their position longer with higher satisfaction. Here at Terminal, we see on average 4+ year retention for our full-time developer hires. If you’re looking to build a permanent product team to grow and evolve your platform, consistency and commitment is the way.

Latin America’s AI Engineer Surge: Colombia, Mexico, and Chile

Colombia’s AI Growth

Colombia, particularly Bogotá, has become a notable player in AI and tech innovation. The Colombian government’s commitment to digital transformation and AI has fostered a favorable environment for AI development. With initiatives to improve AI education and infrastructure, Colombia’s nearshore AI engineers are not only abundant but also highly skilled, making them ideal partners for North American companies.

Mexico’s Tech Evolution

Mexico is another prime example of Latin American AI prowess. Cities like Mexico City and Guadalajara have evolved into tech hubs, attracting investments and nurturing talent in AI and machine learning. Mexican universities are producing top-notch AI engineers, and the country’s participation in international AI research further bolsters the capabilities of its nearshore AI talent.

Chile’s AI Ambitions

Chile, with its growing tech scene in Santiago and Valparaiso, is making significant strides in AI. The Chilean government’s support for tech innovation, coupled with a growing number of AI startups, is creating a fertile ground for AI development. This environment ensures that nearshore AI engineers from Chile are not only well-versed in the latest AI technologies but also bring a unique perspective to AI solutions.

Canada: A Global Leader in AI

Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are global AI leaders. These cities boast world-class AI research facilities and a supportive governmental stance on AI development. In Montreal specifically, the city’s ventures in deep learning and neural networks are globally recognized. Over $1 billion in AI investments have flowed into the city, manifesting in state-of-the-art labs and research facilities. Canadian nearshore AI engineers benefit from this rich AI ecosystem, making them some of the most advanced and innovative professionals in the field.

Nearshore AI Engineers are a Better Choice than Offshore AI Developers

The case for hiring nearshore AI engineers from Latin America and Canada is compelling. The advancements in AI within countries like Colombia, Mexico, and Chile, combined with the AI leadership of Canada, present a strong argument for their preference over offshore AI developers. Nearshore AI engineers from these regions offer a unique combination of advanced skills, innovation, cultural alignment, and strategic long-term value. As Latin America and Canada continue to forge ahead in AI, partnering with nearshore AI engineers from these areas is not just a smart decision; it’s a forward-looking strategy for harnessing the full potential of AI in business.

Terminal opens up the fantastic talent in Canada and Latin America to growing companies in the U.S.  Time-zone aligned full-time and contract developers can be a powerful accelerator for your business..  Interested in learning more? Talk to us today or start browsing our talent for free!

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