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Hire contract-to-hire software developers exclusively with Terminal

Most hiring platforms don’t support contract to hire engineers or charge huge fees. Terminal is different. Our full-stack solution, supporting hiring and employment, ENCOURAGES contract to hire developers.
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What is contract to hire?

Contract to hire is a developer engagement that begins with a fixed-term contract with the flexibility to convert to a full-time employee.

Who benefits from contract to hire?

In short, everyone! Both hiring companies and developers can "try before they buy" to see if it's a good fit. If so, it’s easy to convert to full-time employment!

How does Terminal do contract to hire differently?

Unlike other platforms, Terminal’s full-stack talent and hiring solution encourages contract-to-hire software developers. Because we manage both global hiring and employment, it’s a seamless transition from contracting to employment using Terminal.

How much does contract to hire cost?

Unlike other platforms, Terminal has only a nominal fee to transition a hire from contractor to full-time employee. Other platforms charge excessive fees - Andela charges $50,000 for contract to hire!

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How we contract to hire software developers at Terminal


We continuously source engineers for core roles through inbound, outbound and referral sourcing.


Our talent experts and smart platform surface top candidates for your roles and culture.


We collaborate to manage the interview and feedback process with you to ensure perfect fits.

Hire & Employ

We seamlessly hire and, if needed, manage remote employment, payroll, benefits, and equity.

We’ve been able to hire in key locations with confidence, knowing that we’re tapping into top-tier talent. We highly recommend Terminal to any company looking for a strategic recruitment partner to help scale their team.

Ben Clark

Head of Engineering, Smith.ai

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