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Hiring + recruiting | Blog Post

How to Hire Developers For A Startup

Wes Mitchell-Lewis

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As a startup founder, you wear many hats—you’re the CEO, the CFO, the CMO, and oftentimes, even the janitor. One aspect you may need to become more familiar with, however, is that of the CTO. When it comes to discovering how to hire developers for a startup, that’s a hat you’ll have to learn how to wear.

So, what’s a business owner to do?

Keep these pointers in mind, and you should be able to discover the ideal developer for your company in no time.

Calculating Your Budget and How to Hire

Like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably researching the best techniques that show how to hire employees and how you should be budgeting for those growth costs. The answer, unfortunately, is not a simple one.

A new product’s development cost depends on several aspects, such as the product’s size and complexity, the number of features required, the platform it will be built on, and more. As mentioned above, several factors can impact the cost of developing a new product.

Here are some of the most important ones to keep in mind:

The size and complexity of the product

A small, straightforward website or app will cost less to develop than a large, complex enterprise software application. That’s just basic math. Your product’s development costs will increase in proportion to the complexity of its features and functioning.

The platform it will be built on

Costs might vary from project to project, and one factor is the platform (iOS, Android, web, etc.) on which the product will run. Developers often set their rates differently for each platform because creating an iOS app takes different skills and tools than creating an Android app or a web app.

The number of features it requires

As we mentioned above, the more features your product requires, the higher your development costs will be.

That’s why it’s important to prioritize which features are essential and which can be cut from the scope of your project if necessary. Every feature you add will increase your development costs—so only add features that are truly essential to your product’s success.

How Many Developers Do I Need to Hire?

The number of developers you need on your team will depend on several factors, including the size of your current team, the scope of your project, and the complexity of your product.

In the early stages of your company’s development, you won’t need more than a small staff of one or two developers. The requirement for more developers increases with the scale and complexity of your projects.

However, it’s important to remember that too many cooks in the kitchen can lead to problems, so stay moderate.

What Types of Developers Do I Need?

There are three typical types of developers you’ll need to learn to hire: front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers. Let’s take a look at each type in turn.

Frontend Developers: Developers that work on the “frontend” of a project are the ones who design the product’s interface and user experience. Collaborating closely with designers, they make aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interfaces. To succeed in frontend development, you must have a deep familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript markup languages.

Check out our guide to hiring Frontend Developers Here!

Backend Developers: The backend developer is the one that builds the core functionality of your product. They use database technologies like SQL to store and retrieve information, whereas languages like Java, C++, and C# are used to write the actual code for the software. The ability to think critically and solve complex problems, as well as in-depth knowledge of algorithms and data structures, are essential for success in the field of backend development.

Check out our guide to hiring Backend Developers Here!

Full Stack Developers: Developers who are “full stack” are proficient in both the front and back ends of a project. They might aid application design, project coordination, and other related tasks. For success as a full stack developer, you need expertise in both the front-end and back-end of software creation and an eye for aesthetics.

Check out our guide to hiring Full Stack Developers Here!

How Do I Hire Developers For a Startup?

A company’s strength is directly proportional to the quality of its workforce. Finding the appropriate people is the first step in assembling a formidable team. There are many options for finding qualified individuals, but word of mouth is usually the most successful.

This happens because, through these networks, one can have contact with pre-screened, highly competent individuals. Furthermore, entrepreneurs might gain access to previously unavailable talent pools through personal connections.

Online Job Boards

Utilizing internet job markets is a quick and easy approach to connecting with a large number of qualified engineers who have already gone through preliminary screening.

Candidates that are very flexible and have a burning desire to succeed are highly sought after by startups, therefore it’s important to write a job description that reflects the requirements of your company.

In addition, job sites often include a broad variety of options for those searching for remote work, so you might want to consider hiring remote workers for your firm.

Recruiting Firms

Specialized staffing agencies have extensive networks of qualified employees they might potentially introduce to companies.

This option may be more pricey than others, but it may help business owners save time and energy in the long run.

Developer Conferences

Conferences like this provide an excellent potential for entrepreneurs to meet and network with other companies and engineers from all around the world. Opportunities to meet and network with potential workers might be found at such events.

Many engineers are interested in working for startups, thus this might be a great way to find talented personnel.

Online Coding Communities

For developers looking to collaborate on projects or get answers to programming questions, sites like GitHub and Stack Overflow are invaluable resources. These platforms allow startups to find developers with the necessary expertise and get in touch with them directly.

Startups can find engineers who aren’t necessarily looking for work but may be active in these online networks. Furthermore, these sites can help vet candidates’ coding capabilities and gain insight into their problem-solving talents before hiring.

Cold Outreach

This entails sending online messages to engineers in an effort to recruit them—email addresses of developers should be the top priority for this purpose.

Because they probably get a lot of emails, you’ll want to make sure yours sticks out. Introduce your company and explain why you believe the engineer would be a good match. Describe your staff and the advantages and incentives you offer.

Learning How to Hire Developers for a Startup Will Supercharge Your Outcomes

There are countless factors to consider while launching a new company. You’ll have to make many choices, but choosing the right developer is crucial. Finding the proper developer to help you realize your ideas is essential to the success of your business. If you’re asking yourself how to hire developers for your startup, keep these three criteria in mind:

  • Technical Expertise: Hiring a developer with the knowledge and experience to create your product is a no-brainer. But that’s not all you need to find someone to work with; someone who is also a student and up-to-date on the industry’s developments is also desirable. Doing so will guarantee that your product is always ahead of the competition.
  • Cultural Fit: Locating a programmer committed to your company’s goals and ideals is crucial. Everyone involved in your project should be enthusiastic about their job and committed to its success.
  • Willingness to go above and beyond: The hallmark of a truly exceptional developer is an insatiable appetite for process and product enhancement. They should be proactive in finding solutions to issues and eager to go above and above to ensure your product is of the highest quality.

The developer who fulfills these requirements is a valuable asset to your company. If you put money into them and keep the lines of communication open, they will be able to assist you in growing your startup.

Continue to explore the rest of Terminal’s content offerings. If you are interested in learning more about how Terminal can support your organization and accomplish your development goals, please get in touch with our team!

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