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Hiring + recruiting | Blog Post

How To Hire a Full Stack Developer

Wes Mitchell-Lewis

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Having a full stack developer on your team can increase productivity and improve communication between back-end and front-end programmers. Many companies are opting to employ full-time full stack developers as overseers to save money and improve complex websites. 

In this article, we will step through exactly what a full stack developer can offer to your company, as well as where you can find an amazing full stack programmer, how to hire them, and even what questions you should ask them! 

What Does a Full Stack Developer Offer?

The first thing you need to understand before hiring a full stack developer is what they can offer your team! 

Full stack developers have a wide variety of knowledge across platforms and are uniquely qualified to ensure your project gets done quickly and without issue. When hiring a full stack developer, you should look for someone who has a deep understanding of frontend and backend development and who will work well on your team!

By being aware of what a full stack developer can do, you should have a better grasp of what you are looking for in a candidate. 

So, what exactly does a full stack developer offer?

  • Front end & back-end development. 
  • Application of a variety of programming languages – it is important to know which languages are currently being used at your company.
  • Fixing bugs and testing for future problems.
  • API development & design.
  • Ensuring quality infrastructure performance.
  • Working with multiple databases, resources, and internal storage. 

The right full stack developer could be what your team needs, but there are a few pros and cons to be aware of. 

Pros of Full Stack Developers

There are quite a few advantages to hiring a full stack developer, but here are some of our favorites:

  • By adding a full stack developer to your team, you can assume that your product or service offering will be better equipped to adjust to changing technologies over time. 
  • Full stack developers have a deeper understanding of the language, bugs, and various environments required for site or app programming. 
  • Because full stack developers are both back and front end dev, they can ensure the creation, testing, extension of the program is perfect. 
  • Hiring a full stack developer is cost-efficient. With their skill set, you will need less programmers on the team. 
  • They improve communication between the front and back end developers, as well as the management and general staff. 
  • You will likely be able to launch your product faster with a full stack developer on the team. They will ensure everything is running smoothly and cohesively every step of the way. 

Before you go ahead and hire a full stack developer, there are a few cons that exist. 

Cons of Full Stack Developers

Sometimes, companies assume that because full stack developers have a wide range of knowledge and skills, they can replace an entire programming team, but unfortunately, that’s not really the case. 

It’s important to understand that while a full stack developer can be a great addition to your staff, creating the perfect bug-free site is usually too much work for a single programmer. 

A few cons that arise when leaning too heavily on a single full stack developer:

  • While having some understanding of almost every necessary aspect of programming do not excel at any one thing. This can lead to bugs and execution issues on either the front or back end of the project. 
  • While hiring the right full stack developer can speed up the project, putting too much responsibility on one person will slow it down. You cannot expect one developer, even if they have an incredible skill set, to get everything done on both ends quickly. 

Now that you know what a full stack developer can offer, as well as the pros and cons of hiring one for your needs, let’s find out how to actually make it happen!

Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring a Full Stack Developer

There are a few steps that you should follow to ensure you hire the right full stack developer for your team. 

  1. Figure out what you need. When it comes to full stack developers, there exists a variety of candidates, so the first thing you need to do is establish what kind of programmer is needed. Do you need a senior or junior developer? Do you want someone who is more focused on the front or back end? Maybe you need a programmer who is hyper-focused on bug testing? Deciding ahead of time will ensure you get the right developer for your staff.
  2. Set a budget. Experience will play into the cost needed to hire a developer. Some full stack developers require a higher wage than others. By creating a budget ahead of time, you can ensure you don’t waste your time or theirs. 
  3. Set realistic expectations. When it comes to timelines, requests, and responsibilities of a full stack developer, you should know what you want from them to make sure they can deliver! 
  4. Ask the right questions. In the following section, we will learn what you should ask the developer, so you know they check the boxes your team needs! 
  5. Ensure they can communicate and work well in a team setting. Because the full stack developer will be working closely with the front and back-end programmers, as well as management, you want to make sure they are top-notch communicators! 

Successful Interview Questions for Full Stack Developers

When it comes to hiring, one of the best things you can do is prepare the right interview questions. This will ensure that both you and the candidate understand what the position requires and whether or not they are a good fit so that you hire the right person! 

Here are a few successful interview questions for full stack developers:

  • How can we avoid callbacks? 
  • Can an HTML element have multiple classes?
  • Do you have experience with GitHub?
  • Which database are you most comfortable with?
  • Do you work in Node.js, Python, Java, or PHP? 
  • How would you handle a disagreement between a front and back-end programmer?
  • Ask them to find a bug in a current program (or test their attention to detail in another way.)

Alright, now you are ready to hire a full stack developer, but where can you find the perfect one?

Where to Find a Fantastic Full Stack Developer

There is no short supply of full stack developers; however, not everyone is the right candidate for your team. 

While you can find several full stack developers on freelance sites like Upwork, job portals such as Monster or Glassdoor, social media platforms, and other online directories, unfortunately, you won’t always find vetted and experienced employees there. 

Here at Terminal, we have one of the best collections of experienced, reviewed and talented full stack developers, and we ensure their high-quality work and impressive skill sets. 

Continue to explore the rest of Terminal’s content offerings. If you are interested in learning more about how Terminal can support your organization and accomplish your development goals, please get in touch with our team

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