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Webinar | Engineering leadership

The State of Remote Engineering: 1000 engineers on how 2020 redefined the workplace

Tejal Parekh
Tejal Parekh
Chief Marketing Officer at Terminal
Kerri McKinney
Kerri McKinney
Global Head of Talent at Terminal

While offices may reopen this year, what happens if your engineers don’t want to return?
Our recent survey of 1000+ engineers showed that today, only 20% of engineers want to go back to the office full-time, and that there’s no return to business as usual post-pandemic. Rather, engineers will demand flexible remote options for good.

Hiring will look different, too. Though engineers want to work for US companies, 39% say they’re disinterested in moving to the US for work. And 97% of engineers report issues with the interview process—a worrisome challenge for employers, as these lead to rejected offers.

Join Terminal Chief Marketing Officer Tejal Parekh and Global Head of Talent Kerri McKinney for a webinar exploring the results of our survey and how organizations can prepare for the future of engineering in 2021—and beyond.

In this webinar you’ll learn:
• What engineers expect from the workplace post-pandemic—and how employers can adapt
• Why there’s never been a better moment to take your hiring strategy global
• Recruitment and retention tactics to succeed in 2021’s tight talent market
• How to build benefits packages for the workforce of 2021 and beyond

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