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Webinar | Webinar Series

6 Ways High-Growth Startups Can Beat Engineer Attrition

Jennifer Peffley
Jennifer Peffley
Director of Engineering @ CB Insights
Jennifer Farris
Jennifer Farris
Chief People Officer @ Terminal

From talent strategy to team-building, it’s time to define a retention-based approach to hiring and management that will support your org’s growth goals over the long term.

Join CB Insights Director of Engineering Jennifer Peffley and Terminal Chief People Officer Jennifer Farris in a live webinar as they share 6 ways leaders can take action to beat attrition—and build teams that last.

You'll learn:

• Tactics to engage engineers and protect them from burnout
• Best practices to structure distributed teams
• How to facilitate career progression and stop talent from feeling stuck
• Tips to keep engineers feeling valued, no matter their location
• How to set up flexible work offerings to boost productivity and morale
• What leaders can do to maintain an inclusive team culture over time

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