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Remote how-to’s | Guide

Welcome to the new era of remote work. Are you prepared?

Get the support you need with Terminal’s ultimate guide to creating (and nurturing) high-performance remote engineering teams.


Remote leadership is today’s most pressing skillset

The remote work paradigm has shifted faster than anyone expected. As your remote workforce grows, effective remote leadership is one of the most critical skills you can develop for your team and your organization. We’ve tapped our team and network of remote work experts to curate top advice, insights, and tools into a remote teams playbook tailored for future-ready engineering leaders like yourself so that you’re equipped with the necessary skills to build thriving remote teams on pace with the rapid shifts in global talent markets.

In this guide you'll learn:
  • How to structure remote teams for success
  • The art of choosing the right talent market
  • 10 best practices for managing remote teams
Now’s the time to level up your remote management skills.

Even without today’s forcing factors, remote work has long been a foregone conclusion in the engineering world. The massive imbalance between supply and demand – an estimated 1M unfilled engineering jobs in 2020 – means that thousands of fast-growing technology companies are already building remote teams in countries across the world.

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