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Remote how-to’s | Guide

Crafting virtual offsites with impact

Whether remote or local, team offsites are key moments for cultivating team closeness and aligning on goals, strategy, and collaborative effectiveness. But an offsite is only as effective as the change it catalyzes, which means it’s a leader’s responsibility to intentionally design an agenda that is meaningful, impactful, and energizing.


Don’t let team culture slip through the cracks.

Our new Remote Offsite Guide: Building Culture and Connection lays the framework for how to design a high-impact virtual offsite to achieve this for any remote team.

In this guide you'll learn:
  • Expert facilitation advice from Virtual Event Strategist Dana Pake
  • Different types of offsites and their purposes
  • 9 steps for building a rock solid and effective agenda
  • Creative activities that appeal to introverts and extroverts
  • How to put in place a container for powerful conversations
  • Tactics to encourage participation and employee engagement
  • Tools to drive post-meeting outcomes with 5 assignable action items
Download Terminal’s Remote Offsite Guide: Building Culture and Connection today.

Our recent remote leadership report showed that just 27% of leaders believe they have a thriving remote culture.

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