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Remote how-to’s | Guide

Boost your team's productivity with the right remote tech stack

Remote work removes distractions, improves work-life balance, and allows employees to tailor their work environment to their needs. The majority of engineers say remote work allows them to be more productive than working in an office. But that productivity is affected by the tools your engineers have at their disposal. Learn how to assemble a tech stack that helps your engineers work together from anywhere.


Terminal’s cheat sheet for building a remote work tech stack

If you want your company to adopt a remote-first mindset, you’ll need to get the whole organization to rely on tools to connect and collaborate. There are a slew of excellent cloud-based SaaS options, but what should you choose? Terminal’s Building a Remote Work Tech Stack Guide is a handy guide to understanding the features and capabilities you should consider when picking out remote work SaaS tools for your team.

In this guide you'll learn:
  • SaaS software categories that can help your team get work done both asynchronously and in real time
  • Suggestions for specific tools to consider for everything, from pair programming to goal setting to documentation
  • Tips for combining and maximizing tools to enhance teamwork, break silos, and promote transparency
Download Terminal’s cheat sheet for a comprehensive list of remote work tools.

Seventy percent of engineers report that remote work allows them to be more productive than working in an office.

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