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5 Ways to Amp Desirability to Engineers and Close the Talent Gap

In a recent poll, 68% of surveyed engineers say they changed jobs because of remote opportunities elsewhere. Companies that want to overcome the tech talent shortage must foster a strong remote-first culture to win, engage and retain engineering talent.

Chris Piazza
Chris Piazza
Chief Technology Officer @ iCapital
Dylan Serota
Dylan Serota
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer @ Terminal

Join iCapital CTO Chris Piazza and Terminal Chief Strategy Officer Dylan Serota to learn how iCapital turned their remote culture into a superpower that helped them overcome talent shortages and scale their senior engineering teams at a $6B+ fintech company (and how you can, too).

You'll learn:
• How to leverage global talent without sacrificing culture
• Tips for conveying loyalty to your tech team, and why it matters
• Strategies to build career opportunities into remote jobs, regardless of location
• How to build a winning culture that’ll have engineers knocking at your door
• Tactics to promote fairness and build a sense of pride within your team

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