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Webinar | Remote how-to’s

Hybrid Tech Teams in Action: How to tackle the era of flexible work

Daniel Pupius
Daniel Pupius
Founder at Range
Dylan Serota
Dylan Serota
Co-founder at Terminal

Your executive team is discussing “the return to the office” and how you’ll support remote teams moving forward. While many questions remain, what’s clear is that very few want to return to the office full-time.

“The 40 hour work week, with it’s butts-in-seats management philosophy, isn’t how you foster creativity and get the most of people,” says Dan Pupius, founder of team management software startup Range and former Head of Engineering at Medium.

Join Dan and Terminal Co-Founder + Chief Strategy Officer Dylan Serota to find out how your company can adapt to today’s era of flexible work and put hybrid teams into action.

In this webinar you’ll learn:
• What 1000+ engineers said about their interest in returning to the office
• Five ways to model your teams, including static hybrid, dynamic hybrid, synchronized hybrid, and how to assess the right one for your organization.
• Tech tools that will make life easier for remote teams.
• How to structure the workday to unlock remote collaboration.

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