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The State of Remote Engineering

2021 Edition

2020 was nothing short of a revolution. Overnight employees went fully-remote – and now, nearly a year later, engineers are saying loud and clear they want to retain flexible remote options for good.

In our new report, hear more on what 1100 engineers had to say on remote work, the tech talent shortage and the future of work post-pandemic.

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More than 75% of engineers want the option to work remotely.

Eight out of ten engineers want options in the future for both working from home and from the office, and almost a third saying they want to remain remote 100% of the time.

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How often do you want to work remotely after the pandemic?

Despite challenges, developers report many benefits of remote.

More than two-thirds of engineers cite not needing to commute as a major benefit of remote, while other benefits include better work life balance, more autonomy, improved productivity, less stress, and more proactive communication.

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Benefits of remote work

Less than half of employers offer remote-specific benefits.

Engineers expressed interest in a new type of benefits package – however less than half of employers are meeting their asks with benefits like remote learning and development, technology and productivity tools, mental health services, or utilities, internet and other home office stipends.

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The #1 remote benefit employees actually want
Drivers of remote productivity

Time zone alignment remains a productivity booster.

86% of engineers report that they’re more productive when working with teams operating in a similar time zone.

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Global engineers want to work for US tech firms – but they don’t want to move there.

67% of software engineers say they’d like to work for a U.S. tech company. But 39% have no interest in moving to the US to do so.

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Engineers express limited desire to work in the US

The interviewing process is still broken.

97% of engineers reported at least one issue with the interview process, whether it’s too many interviews, generic interviews, or long delays.

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Critical interview process pain points

The US tech talent shortage is still going strong.

Demand for engineering talent still far exceeds supply. 64% of engineers say there’s a software engineer shortage in their companies with concerning consequences on innovation and growth.

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Effects of today’s talent shortage

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