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Two engineers hired through Terminal work together to build a project

The elite talent your business needs, minus endless screening and interviews.

The Terminal Talent Platform connects you with exceptional engineering candidates to scale your team rapidly and get your products to market faster.

Male engineer on his computer connects with his remote team through Terminal

Access top talent

  • Our Talent Platform gives you access to seasoned engineering professionals, averaging a decade of experience working in their fields.

Russ Greenspan

“The applicant tracking system in the Terminal Talent Hub is great. All the video interviews are recorded, and it’s been super easy to follow along as much as I’d like to.”

Russ Greenspan

CTO, PresenceLearning

Build teams quickly

  • With our pipeline of premier talent on tap and our fast, efficient screening and recruitment process, rapidly. Companies have their teams in place 40 percent faster with Terminal than by working independently.

Female engineer takes notes in a notebook at home through a remote role

Engage full-time committed professionals

  • All positions with Terminal are full-time roles. Your new engineers will be dedicated members of your team, aligned with your time zone and committed to your company’s mission.

How Our Recruiting Process Works

Expert recruiters find candidates across the world
Expert recruiters find candidates across the world
Terminal works with you to craft job descriptions, identify the optimal global markets for the skillsets you need, and with our multi-channel recruiting approach, locate world-class talent for your key roles.
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A computer screen with remote engineers in a Zoom meeting

Terminal Talent Hub

  • Check out pre-vetted engineering talent, hiring processes and manage your team members when they’re on board – all from one central location.

  • View profiles for your pre-screened candidates

  • Our experts select candidates that meet your requirements and send their profiles to you for viewing. You review detailed recruiter notes and recorded video interviews, accept or reject applicants, and provide feedback to refine your search moving forward.

  • Keep an eye on progress

  • Track hiring progress for each of your open positions, from profile submissions to interviews to employment offers.

Logo for PresenceLearning and a child on a computer

PresenceLearning handles pandemic demand by scaling up with Terminal

  • When the pandemic hit, demand for PresenceLearning’s online education services skyrocketed. Find out how the company leveraged Terminal’s Talent Platform to scale quickly, expanding its engineering team by 150 percent in just three months.

Why hire full time employees?

If you’ve tried staffing up with contractors across different time zones, you may have experienced productivity and collaboration challenges. At Terminal, all our hires are full-time employees. Collaborate seamlessly and keep your projects moving, without continually finding and training new talent – Terminal’s voluntary turnover rate is 30 percent lower than the average US tech hub.