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Remote how-to’s | Guide

Terminals’ guide to mastering the remote job search

Are you ready to level-up your career? Whether that means a bigger technical challenge, a higher salary or a new industry, many US-based startups offer up exciting new opportunities, without relocating. In this guide, you’ll get actionable tips and advice from Silicon Valley tech leaders on how to stand out from the crowd, ace the interview and land the job.


Find the software engineering gig of your dreams

If interviewing across borders is new for you, it can feel intimidating. This guide offers a roadmap for your search – you’ll learn what type of candidates Silicon Valley startups are looking for and develop the best possible application to attract a recruiter’s attention and get in the door.

What’s inside:
  • What hiring managers look for when sorting through resumes
  • Language and cultural expectations when interviewing with US companies
  • How to develop an eye-catching resume and cover letter
  • Tips for doing a successful take-home or in-person technical assessment
Access our tips on getting a recruiter’s attention and acing your job interview

Take a leap of faith. You can work with any company in the US or the world if you have the right skill set. It has nothing to do with the place you live.

— Arnoldo Montaño, Frontend Developer at EasyKnock
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