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Monuments from Poland, Hungary, Spain, and Poland

Silicon Valley trusts Terminal to hire the best talent in Europe

We rigorously vet top US companies and European candidates alike, eliminating the stressful dead-ends that ruin the job search process. Our focus is getting candidates hired, so they can do what they do best – build brilliant solutions that fuel company growth.

We show results, which is why 9 out of 10 applicants would recommend Terminal to a colleague.

Terminal makes the process of completing a profile simple and easy, with very generous rewards for those who make it through the vetting process, including higher salaries, equity packages, great home office perks and some economic stability and peace of mind. Discover the areas we are currently searching for exceptional talent.

Poland monument, Poland flag, female engineer


From Warsaw and Krakow to Wroclaw and Lodz, Poland boasts some of the hottest engineering talent in all of Eastern Europe

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Spanish flag, male engineer


As the fifth-largest metropolitan area in Europe, Barcelona exemplifies why Spain is a massive hub of innovation, powered by top universities and well-established tech talent

Learn About Spain
Romania flag, female engineer


Known for its multilingual residents and long history of tech talent, Romania is a strong choice to affordably scale a team of software developers.

Hungary flag, man engineer


Hungary's universities have invested deeply in technology education, creating a highly-educated, multi-lingual talent pool for software development.