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Unlocking Global AI and ML Talent: Hire AI Developers with Terminal

Clay Kellogg

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It’s no secret – artificial intelligence (AI) has opened the floodgates of innovation! But in the US, AI & ML is experiencing both a boom and a challenge. On one hand, the demand for these technological disciplines is surging: there are currently nearly 170,000 AI/ML job vacancies, representing a staggering 75% increase year-over-year. Forecasts suggest an even steeper climb ahead, with AI/ML job opportunities anticipated to soar by 300% over the next two years. 

This burgeoning demand juxtaposed with a severe talent shortage, along with record low unemployment in the tech sector, has created a significant bottleneck for tech giants and startups eager to capitalize on the AI revolution. Stepping into this pivotal moment, we’re thrilled to push our vision forward and help solve this challenge. Today, we’re announcing our expanded offering: connecting companies to the vast reservoir of global AI and ML talent to hire AI developers.

A Deep Dive into Global Talent Pools


Renowned as an AI and ML behemoth, Canada is home to a whopping 35,000 professionals. Universities like the University of Toronto and McGill, along with institutes like the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, form the backbone of Canada’s thriving tech ecosystem.


Encompassing a vast talent reservoir of 21,000 engineers, Europe is at the forefront of AI and ML advancements.

  • Spain:  With 11,000 engineers, Spain benefits from esteemed institutions like Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and a dynamic startup environment in cities like Barcelona.
  • Poland:  Housing 6,800 specialists, Poland’s IT sector is growing by leaps and bounds, driven by cutting-edge tech events and solid technical education.
  • Romania: With 3,300 talents, Romania is emerging as an Eastern European tech hub, fueled by cities like Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca.

Latin America (LatAm)

 A burgeoning tech center with a collective count of over 6,500 AI specialists, Latin America is poised to become a significant player in the global AI and ML arenas.

  • Mexico: Hosting 3,000 engineers, Mexico’s AI wave is propelled by institutions like Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and tech hubs such as Mexico City.
  • Colombia: With 2,000 specialists, cities like Medellin and Bogota are rapidly turning into tech epicenters.
  • Costa Rica and Chile: While Costa Rica boasts 400 engineers and Chile contributes another 1,100, both countries are making significant strides in AI and ML, underscoring Latam’s growth potential.

The Terminal Difference in the Words of Our Customers

While we can share statistics and regions, the real testimony lies in the experiences of our customers. Doug Aley, CEO of Paravision, aptly captures the essence of our offering:

Terminal helped us ramp up a Machine Learning team that is second to none…They gave us access to talent that quite frankly we wouldn’t have had access to before.

~Doug Aley, CEO of Paravision

For a more in-depth understanding of how Terminal has transformed talent acquisition for Paravision, check out this conversation with Doug on his ML team:

Hire AI Developers Instantly with Terminal 

At Terminal, our mission is to push the world forward by bringing global opportunities to talent. Our goal is to break down geographical barriers, offering businesses an unparalleled edge by connecting them with top-tier AI and ML talent. As AI and ML domains continue to dominate the tech scene, partnering with a platform that understands your needs and provides access to global talent can be a game-changer.

For a deeper dive into our newest offering and to instantly view our AI developers for hire, sign up here, view sample AI developer profiles, or contact our team.

Here’s to a future shaped by innovation and global talent!

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