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Talent markets | Blog Post

Unlocking Innovation: Top Reasons to Hire Developers in Eastern Europe

Todd Adams

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Talent and innovation go hand in hand as the keys to staying ahead of the competition. When it comes to software development, businesses are constantly seeking talented and skilled developers who can turn their visions into reality. In recent years, Eastern Europe has emerged as a powerhouse of tech talent, attracting companies from all around the world.  Here at Terminal, we firmly believe this region offers benefits to both European and US-based companies. Let’s explore the top reasons to hire developers in Eastern Europe. 

Defining Eastern Europe

First, let’s start by defining which countries make up Eastern Europe.  According to the United Nations, Eastern Europe includes the following countries:  Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, and the western part of the Russian federation.

Map of Eastern European countries according to the United Nations definition
Eastern Europe

These countries have similarities beyond their location.  Their histories, cultures, and personalities share some common ancestry:

  1. Slavic Roots: Most of the countries in the region have Slavic roots, which have influenced their languages, customs, and traditions. Slavic languages, such as Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, and Belarusian, are prevalent in these countries.
  2. Post-Communist Transition: Following the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, many Eastern European countries underwent significant political and economic transitions from socialist and communist systems to market-oriented economies and democratic governments.
  3. Rich Cultural Heritage: Eastern Europe is known for its diverse and rich cultural heritage, including traditional music, dance, arts, and folklore. Folk festivals, religious celebrations, and local customs are deeply ingrained in the region’s identity.
  4. Strong Emphasis on Education: Education has historically been highly valued in Eastern European societies, leading to well-educated populations and a focus on technical and scientific disciplines.
  5. Agricultural Tradition: Agriculture has played a significant role in the economies of several Eastern European countries, and traditional farming practices and rural communities remain important aspects of their cultures.

Key Attributes of Eastern European Developers

Eastern European developers are highly prized for many reasons, but can be summarized as:

  • Highly skilled
  • Proficient in English
  • More reasonable costs than US or Western Europe / UK developers.  

Let’s explore each of those in detail.

Eastern Europe has an abundance of highly skilled developers

Eastern Europe boasts a rich pool of highly skilled and well-educated developers. The region has a strong emphasis on STEM education, producing a continuous stream of talented programmers and engineers. These developers are known for their skills in various programming languages and frameworks, making them ideal candidates for tackling complex software projects.

Here at Terminal, we help you hire full-time and contract engineers from three Eastern European hotspots:  Poland, Hungary, and Romania. We review developer availability through a metric we call CPOR: Candidates Per Open Role. Our Eastern European countries have significantly more candidates available per open role than the U.S., in some cases over 7x as many candidates!

Eastern European developers have high levels of English proficiency

English is the operating system for international development teams to communicate. As you build your global teams, ensuring your teams can communicate well is critically important.  Thankfully, Eastern European countries are some of the best English-speaking countries in the world.

Looking specifically at the Eastern European countries where Terminal operates, we see that English proficiency is a key strength.  Romania, Poland, and Hungary rank 15th, 16th, and 18th respectively in countries around the world for English proficiency.

Cost savings for hiring developers in Eastern Europe

Every business is looking to find ways to move faster while saving money.  Thankfully, Eastern Europe provides a great way to unlock top talent that’s less expensive than hiring domestically.  On average, you can save 40 to 60% hiring in Eastern European countries vs. in the U.S.  At the extreme end, Romanian engineers are hired at roughly 1/5th the cost of a U.S. engineer at the same skill level.  That’s a huge savings that can be reallocated elsewhere in your business.

Aligned with time zones in the U.K.

Hiring a developer in Eastern Europe is advantageous from a time zone perspective for companies in the United Kingdom due to the overlapping working hours between the two regions. Eastern European countries like Poland, Romania, and Ukraine are typically 1 to 2 hours ahead of the UK time zone (GMT/BST).  This ensures tight collaboration and execution between your product delivery teams.

Developers in Eastern Europe:  Big Talent, Manageable Costs

Unlocking innovation is a critical aspect of business growth and success in today’s competitive tech landscape. Hiring developers in Eastern Europe enables companies to find top-notch talent, cost-effectiveness, cultural compatibility, and seamless collaboration. With their exceptional skills, adaptability, and passion for technology, Eastern European developers can be the driving force behind your next groundbreaking product. 

Embrace the power of innovation by exploring the vast potential of Eastern Europe’s tech talent pool through Terminal. Time-zone aligned full-time and contract developers can be a powerful accelerator for your business, especially for businesses in the U.K. Interested in learning more? Talk to us today or start browsing our talent for free!

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