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Talent markets | Blog Post

Top Cities in Poland for Developers & Software Engineering Talent

Todd Adams

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Poland has rapidly emerged as a European tech powerhouse, enticing both local and international talent with its robust IT industry, cutting-edge startups, and thriving software development scene. From the vibrant capital city of Warsaw to the charming historical town of Krakow, Poland offers a plethora of opportunities for software developers seeking an enriching career in the tech world. Let’s take an inside look at the top cities in Poland for developers and software engineers.

Warsaw – The Dynamic Capital

As Poland’s economic and cultural hub, Warsaw boasts a flourishing tech ecosystem that continues to attract top software development talent. The city is home to a diverse range of IT companies, from multinational giants to innovative startups. Its lively atmosphere, modern infrastructure, and rich cultural offerings make it an appealing destination for tech professionals. 

Warsaw’s tech ecosystem offers top-notch educational and networking opportunities for tech professionals.  The University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics offers top-notch computer science programs, and the Warsaw University of Technology is known for its strong engineering and computer science faculties.  The Wolves Summit, Warsaw IT Days and Bitspiration, are some of the major tech conferences and events held in Warsaw regularly.  ReaktorX is a well-known startup incubator that offers support and mentorship to early-stage tech startups, while Startup Weekend Warsaw is a great way to network with local developers.

Significant tech companies in Warsaw:  Microsoft, Atlassian, Samsung

Warsaw startups:  

  • Allegro – one of Poland’s largest e-commerce platforms 
  • CD Projekt Red – video games publisher, notably the Witcher series
  • Booksy – health and wellness booking

Krakow – Where History Meets Technology

Famous for its medieval charm and historical landmarks, Krakow surprises visitors with its vibrant tech scene. This city has rapidly evolved into a technology hotspot, with numerous software development companies and research centers calling it home. The juxtaposition of history and innovation creates an inspiring environment for software developers seeking both personal and professional growth.

Krakow’s universities produce a steady stream of skilled tech graduates. Jagiellonian University’s Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science is highly regarded, and AGH University of Science and Technology is known for its strong IT and engineering programs.  ImpactCEE, Digital Dragons, and Infoshare are prominent tech conferences and events that attract tech professionals and startups.  The Krakow Technology Park and Hub:raum are notable incubators providing resources and support to startups and tech projects.

Significant tech companies in Krakow: Sabre, Motorola Solutions, ABB

Krakow startups

Wroclaw – The Silicon Valley of Poland

Nestled in southwestern Poland, Wroclaw has earned the moniker “The Silicon Valley of Poland” due to its thriving tech community. The city’s commitment to technological advancements and its extensive startup ecosystem make it an attractive destination for ambitious software developers. Wroclaw’s collaborative environment, fueled by regular meetups and tech-focused events, fosters a sense of camaraderie among professionals, promoting the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

The Wroclaw University of Science and Technology is known for its engineering and computer science programs.  Tech events like infoShare, and ACE! cater to developers and tech pros, while events like Tech Leaders and Wroclaw IT Saturdays are popular for networking.

Significant tech companies in Wroclaw:  Google, Nokia, Credit Suisse

Wroclaw startups:  

  • LiveChat – personalized chat software
  • Infermedica –  AI-powered medical diagnosis platform
  • Omnipack – tech-powered eCommerce fulfillment

Gdansk – A Coastal Haven for IT Talent

With its picturesque coastal setting and historical significance, Gdansk offers an idyllic backdrop for software developers looking to strike a work-life balance. Beyond its beauty, Gdansk’s tech scene is burgeoning, with a rising number of IT companies setting up shop in the city. The presence of tech parks and incubators has also contributed to Gdansk’s reputation as an attractive destination for software developer talent.

The University of Gdansk and Gdansk University of Technology are known for strong engineering and IT courses.  Tech events like Tricity Startup Weekend and Gdansk DevDay are attractive to developers and entrepreneurs, while the Gdansk Tech Meetup and Open Coffee Gdansk are great ways to connect with others in the tech community.

Significant tech companies in Gdansk:  Intel, Amazon, Luxoft

Gdansk startups:  

  • UXPin – UI prototyping and testing
  • SentiOne – AI social listening

Poznan – Cultivating a Thriving Developer Community

Poznan, located in western Poland, is renowned for its vibrant developer community and a strong emphasis on technology and innovation. This city is home to many cutting-edge startups and established software development companies, presenting numerous job opportunities for tech professionals. The city’s young and dynamic population ensures a constant flow of fresh ideas and energy, making it an excellent environment for those seeking inspiration and growth, and the Poznan University of Technology’s strong engineering and computer science faculties encourages even more young people.

Significant tech companies in Poznan:  Nokia, Sii, SolarWinds

Poznan startups:  

The Top Cities in Poland for Developers Feature Elite Talent

Poland has quickly established itself as a software developer’s haven, and the top cities in Poland for developers offer a unique blend of modernity, historical charm, and a robust tech ecosystem. Whether you’re drawn to the cosmopolitan allure of Warsaw or the cultural heritage of Krakow, each city on this list promises a thriving tech scene, abundant career opportunities, and a supportive developer community. So pack your bags and embark on an exciting journey to one of Poland’s hottest cities for software developer talent, and you might just find the perfect place to turn your coding dreams into reality.

Terminal opens up the fantastic talent in Poland to growing companies in Europe and U.S.  Time-zone aligned full-time and contract developers can be a powerful accelerator for your business, and the ability to work remotely from anywhere is very transformative.  Interested in learning more? Talk to us today or start browsing our talent for free!

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