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Webinar | Hiring + recruiting

Mastering Remote Recruiting: From Interviewing to Onboarding

Tom Koning
Tom Koning
Head of Recruiting at Skillz
Dylan Serota
Dylan Serota
Co-founder at Terminal

When Tom Koning, Head of Recruiting at top mobile games platform Skillz, moved to multi-market hiring, he knew his team would have to reinvent their remote recruiting strategy. From improving remote interviewing to using technology to humanize the experience, Skillz brought their recruiting efforts to a global level and scaled their engineering capacity dramatically, hiring over 40 engineers in under a year.

With US tech talent market competition fierce, and new preference for remote work, companies like Skillz who learn to master remote recruiting will be those who rise to the top—and there are few blueprints for success.

Join Tom and Terminal Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Dylan Serota for a discussion of Tom’s lessons learned from remote hiring and how tech leaders can adapt their remote recruitment strategies to win top talent, too.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
• Why top tech leaders see the future of hiring as remote
• What most businesses still get wrong about remote recruiting
• Proven strategies to overcome today’s top remote recruitment challenges, from candidate engagement to evaluation
• Technologies to humanize the remote hiring experience
• How to run efficient + effective remote interviews
• Tactics to onboard and retain remote hires

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