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Engineer your perfect team with Terminal, developers building a rocketship

Terminal is the smarter, global talent platform for
hiring engineers 

Trust us to recruit, hire, manage and retain full-time remote engineering teams, so you can focus on your core business.

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Keep ahead of the hiring curve like our current customers

We attract exceptional talent that Silicon Valley massive companies can't poach

Hims & Hers

Connect with pre-vetted engineers
Hire and run your full-time team stress-free

Hire faster

faster to hire than going it alone

  • Pre-screened candidates
  • Proprietary technology to accelerate the process
Retain Talent

longer than the industry average

  • Remote-ready engineers
  • Full-time roles only
  • Local Benefits & perks
Save Money

or more saved on recruitment and retention cost

  • Pre-screened markets
  • Zero administrative burden
  • Affordable pricing
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How Terminal Works

Expert recruiters find candidates across the world
Expert recruiters find candidates across the world
A multi-channel approach to hiring, backed by expert recruiters and proprietary tech, delivers you top talent, fast.
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Hear from our clients

Case Study
Jaris Scales Hiring + Boosts Engineering Productivity with Terminal
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Developer Story
Terminal changed my life. The dynamic with full-time is different. You become part of a company.
Jesús Estrada
Tech Lead, Handshake via Terminal
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Case Study
SESO Labor Scales Hiring + Boosts Engineering Productivity with Terminal
Developer Story
With Terminal I have a clear career path. I work with people that are growing along with me.
Ana Barrios
Team Lead, Software Engineering, Everly Health
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Case Study
How PresenceLearning scaled their team by 150% in 3 months with Terminal
Developer Story
Thanks to Terminal, I was able to find a balance between my professional and personal life.
Mayra Rodriguez
Full Stack Engineer, Tile via Terminal
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Case Study
A multi-market approach: How Armory uses Terminal to build engineering teams 3x faster
Developer Story
In less than one year, I was able to move from Senior Developer to a Tech Lead position.
Cesar Charria
Full-time Software Engineer, PresenceLearning via Terminal
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The Terminal Difference

Map icon and screen representing local support

Elite Global Candidates

Our exceptional engineers are ready to tackle your biggest projects.

Stopwatch with dashboards

Speed & Simplicity

Our talent pipeline is pre-vetted. Our processes are designed to help you scale fast.

Whiteboard and metrics representing high impact

Full-Time Teams

Our members are fully invested in your success, and fully integrated into your business.

Virtual meeting representing 100% remote

Remote Mgmt Experts

Our focus shifts the administrative burden of remote team management off of you.

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Terminal - By The Numbers

Speed to Hire
5 days
To review first full-time candidate (and often sooner)
Time Saved
80 days
Recovered by working with Terminal per role
Commitment to Quality
market conditions
Analyzed and assessed before Terminal enters a new talent market
Strong Results
4 of 5
Candidates accept their Terminal offer
Strong Endorsements
9 of 10
Candidates would recommend Terminal to a friend
No Reason To Delay
10 of 10
Businesses should start learning more about Terminal
Find the scale you need. Build your team today.
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