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Jaris Scales Hiring + Boosts Engineering Productivity with Terminal

Team Size
5 engineers

Jaris, a private-label embedded financial services solution for payment-enabled software providers, closed its Series B funding and found product market fit in 2021. The company was on an incredible trajectory, and to realize its growth, Jaris’s leaders knew they needed to hire engineers quickly.

With ambitious goals for its roadmap and the ultimate goal of scaling by 10x or more, Jaris began hiring engineers. Unfortunately, its leaders ran into a wall: the software engineer talent shortage in the US.

Needing to ramp up his talent search quickly, Jaris Head of Engineering Neel Patel decided to work with Terminal to help hire and support Jaris’s global engineering workforce. 

“The best part is, we didn’t sacrifice quality to make our Terminal hires so quickly,” Patel said. “I was impressed with how fast we were able to find and hire the right people.”

> the challenge

Grow the engineering team to quickly to scale products

Patel said Jaris had a global mindset from the start – the company already had team members across different geographies, and they knew they wanted to add members in the western hemisphere.

“With the type of complex financial products we’re building, we need synchronous communication,” Patel said. “Our team is going to have questions and want more information on certain requirements, making timezone alignment very important.”

Jaris was looking for a hiring partner who could take care of the logistics and provide every aspect of the hiring infrastructure, Patel said, in addition to sourcing candidates with the right set of skills and level of experience to grow its financial service products.

> the approach

Find a partner who provides infrastructure

When the engagement began in 2021, the Jaris team communicated the technical knowledge and soft skills they were most interested in. In addition to language backgrounds, Patel asked that the Terminal team be specific with its talent search.

“We needed to find experienced engineers who had very specific framework and technology experiences,” Patel said.

Terminal immediately emphasized streamlining the interview process for candidates, an approach that aligned with Jaris’s hiring philosophy.

Working with Terminal was money well spent. I was able to focus on the interviews and didn’t have to take on the tasks of scheduling, coordinating or keeping track of the process. Terminal handled all of the logistics.

Neel Patel,
Head of Engineering, Jaris

Through Terminal’s Talent Platform, Patel could watch interviews with pre-vetted candidates to see the type of communicator the candidate was and learn about their technical proficiency. It gave the team additional data points to make decisions about candidates and saved Patel time.

Using Slack, the Terminal team took the lead on scheduling initial interviews, asking for feedback from the Jaris team and keeping the process on track.

“Terminal’s tools allowed my team to easily interview candidates and offer feedback,” Patel said. “I don’t have time to take on the logistics myself, and it was important to me that our partner could simplify the process for my team.”

> the outcome

Skyrocket growth with five hires in four months

With three hires by December and two more in early 2022, Jaris was able to bring on five new members to its team within four months.

Jaris’s Terminal hires joined existing teams, onboarding quickly and within months, they became fully integrated members of the company. And the company has its sights set on more incredible growth in the coming year, with Series C on the horizon.

“Working with Terminal was money well spent. I was able to focus on the interviews and didn’t have to take on the tasks of scheduling, coordinating or keeping track of the process. Terminal handled all of the logistics,” Patel said, adding, “It continues to be a successful partnership.”