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Webinar | Remote HR

Managing Mental Health for Engineering Teams

Mai Irie
Mai Irie
Director of Engineering at Spring Health
Kerri McKinney
Kerri McKinney
Global Director of Talent at Terminal

Imagine if 1 in every 3 of your engineers was struggling with their mental health and fighting burnout. Based on a recent study where 33% of engineers rated their mental health as fair or poor, there’s a big chance this may be a reality.

Managing for team mental health has never been more important, yet many engineering managers feel uncertain on how to lead teams through times of crises. Luckily, this is a skill all leaders can learn.

Join Mai Irie, Spring Health Director of Engineering, and Terminal’s Global Director of Talent Acquisition Kerri McKinney for a webinar diving into Managing mental health for engineering teams.

In this webinar you’ll learn:
• Tools to assess the state of employee mental health at your company
• Proactive methods for preventing engineer burnout
• Tactics for leading by example to promote mental health in the workplace
• How to teach engineers healthy boundary setting between work and home

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