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Distinctive buidings in Costa Rica, where Terminal hires world-class software engineers

Hire developers in Costa Rica for top engineering talent

Costa Rica is ranked as the #1 exporter of IT services per capita in LatAm and boasts experienced developers and excellent English proficiency. Hire elite engineers, mobile app developers, QA engineers, and more in Costa Rica 40% faster with Terminal.

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Quality meets quantity in this robust developer talent pool

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25k +
engineers and related technical professionals
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globally in English proficiency
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graduates / year in tech, engineering and math

Costa Rica is a powerhouse for software development and innovation thanks to government developed programs that encourage advancements in tech skills.

Costa Rica’s political and infrastructure stability, time zone alignment, highly educated workforce and cultural affinity are just a few reasons that companies like Amazon, Uber, IBM, Oracle and so many more are choosing to tap into this unique talent market.

Engineers from across the globe connect in a virtual meeting

Amazing time zone alignment

  • Costa Rica is MST year-round. During daylight savings time, they stay the same and align with CST in the US.

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High-powered engineering teams, fully remote

  • Terminal helps you find full-time, fully remote tech talent to build your engineering teams. Then, we go beyond recruiting – as the Employer of Record, we take care of all paperwork and legal red tape, onboarding and ongoing admin services, and offer expert localized HR. As part of their comprehensive benefits packages, engineers receive workspace budgets to enhance their home offices for optimal remote productivity.

A computer screen with remote engineers in a Zoom meeting

Tapping into tech talent around the world

  • Along with our newest market in Costa Rica, Terminal’s recruiting network extends to tech hotspots in Spain, Canada, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. With a multi-market hiring approach, you’ll rapidly scale your engineering team and gain access to a diverse set of perspectives to fuel innovation for your next big project.

William Dembinski

“If you’re serious about your time and serious about scaling your engineering team, work with Terminal.”

William Dembinski

Head of Engineering, SESO Labor

Where We Hire

Terminal is connecting top engineers across Canada, Europe and Latin America with companies on the very forefront of innovation.

Canadian engineer stands in front of whiteboard

Terminal is connecting top engineers across Canada, Europe and Latin America with companies on the very forefront of innovation.

Costa Rica engineer stands in front of whiteboard
Costa Rica
Driving an enviable startup ecosystem, Costa Rica has already caught the attention of ambitious US companies looking to benefit from this spirited culture of creative problem-solving and original thinking
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