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Distinctive buidings in Colombia, where Terminal hires world-class software engineers

Hire developers in Colombia for top engineering talent

With booming tech centers like Medellín and Bogotá, a vast pool of experienced pros makes hiring software developers in Colombia an easy choice. Hire elite engineers, mobile app developers, QA engineers, and more in Colombia 40% faster with Terminal.

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Highly qualified talent at scale

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Colombia has evolved into one of Latin America’s most vital tech ecosystems. The country is now the region’s third-largest and fastest-growing hub for tech talent.

With prominent venture firms and more than 200 start-ups located in Medellín and Bogotá, Colombia’s tech professionals are skilled in the latest programming languages and experienced in working for established global tech leaders—including HP, IBM, and Oracle as well as new innovators like Rappi, Platzi, and Twilio.

Engineers from across the globe connect in a virtual meeting

Time zone alignment

  • Time zones matter – for meetings, for collaboration and for moving projects forward. Like all talent in Terminal’s hiring markets, remote workers in Colombia are ideally situated for alignment with US time zones.

Colombian engineer connects with colleagues virtually

Expert engineering teams, fully remote

  • Terminal handles all onboarding and admin for your new hires, and once they’re on board, we continue delivering the expert support they need. In addition to payroll, IT and localized HR, we offer great perks to keep remote teams happy and highly productive, including workspace budgets, ergonomic assessments and utilities stipends.

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Why Terminal

  • When you partner with Terminal for hiring, you tap into top talent markets across Colombia and throughout Mexico, Latin America, Canada and Europe. Our recruiters are based in the markets they’re hiring in – they understand regional interview and workplace culture, and they maintain local relationships to continue expanding our talent networks. Terminal serves as the employer of record for the professionals you decide to add to your team, taking on all legal risk and administrative burden.

David Wiesen

“Working with Terminal helped us do everything, not just faster, but certainly faster and better. When you work with a company that has expertise in that market and country, you get things right off the bat. We get an HR team who knows about the hiring laws there, benefits laws. We get a recruiter who already has a network. Not having this expertise can be pretty expensive.”

David Wiesen

Co-Founder & Director of Engineering at Nextdoor

Where We Hire

Terminal is connecting top engineers across Canada, Europe and Latin America with companies on the very forefront of innovation.

Canadian engineer stands in front of whiteboard

Terminal is connecting top engineers across Canada, Europe and Latin America with companies on the very forefront of innovation.

Colombian engineer stands in front of whiteboard
One of South America’s largest and fastest-growing tech centers, Colombia has strong ecosystems for engineering talent cities like Bogotá and Medellín
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