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Distinctive buidings in Chile, where Terminal hires world-class software engineers

Hire developers in Chile for top engineering talent

An emerging e-commerce leader with tech hubs like Santiago, Chile has a large pool of experienced software engineers. Hire elite developers, mobile app developers, QA engineers, and more in Chile 40% faster with Terminal.

Browse Talent

Highly qualified talent at scale

Engineers with open role illustration
Approximately 27 engineers per open role
Engineers in talent pool illustration
Roughly 75,000 engineers in a rapidly expanding talent pool
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10+ years
Seasoned professionals with over 10 years experience, on average

The newest addition to Terminal’s roster of global hiring hotspots, Chile is rich with seasoned engineers.

Powered by ambitious investment programs and start-up accelerators, the country is also emerging as one of the world’s most promising centers for fintech and e-commerce innovation. Chile has globally ranked universities throughout, feeding best-in-class engineers and developers into its already substantial talent pipeline.

Engineers from across the globe connect in a virtual meeting

Time zone alignment

  • Time zones matter – for meetings, for collaboration and for moving projects forward. Like all talent in Terminal’s hiring markets, remote workers in Chile are ideally situated for alignment with US time zones.

Female engineer works from home and connects with colleagues virtually

Expert engineering teams, fully remote

  • Terminal handles all onboarding and admin for your new hires, and once they’re on board, we continue delivering the expert support they need. In addition to payroll, IT and localized HR, we offer home office perks to keep remote teams happy and highly productive, including workspace budgets, ergonomic assessments and an internet stipend.

A computer screen with remote engineers in a Zoom meeting

Why Terminal

  • When you partner with Terminal for hiring, you tap into top talent markets across Chile and throughout Mexico, Latin America, Canada and Europe. Our recruiters are based in the markets they’re hiring in – they understand regional interview and workplace culture, and they maintain local relationships to continue expanding our talent networks. Terminal serves as the employer of record for the professionals you decide to add to your team, taking on all legal risk and administrative burden.

Andrew Backes

“Terminal has that expertise, and because of that, I haven’t had to spend as much time learning the hard way. I don’t have to learn a new market through trial and error. I can work with Terminal, expand our engineering team, and have more engineering throughput.”

Andrew Backes

Head of Engineering at Armory

Where We Hire

Terminal is connecting top engineers across Canada, Europe and Latin America with companies on the very forefront of innovation.

Canadian engineer stands in front of whiteboard

Terminal is connecting top engineers across Canada, Europe and Latin America with companies on the very forefront of innovation.

Chilean engineer stands in front of whiteboard
Home to Latin America’s top tech accelerator and elite engineering programs, Chile has a highly-seasoned pool of developer talent
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