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Canadian buildings represent Terminal hiring markets

Hire developers in Poland for top engineering talent

Poland is a tech hotspot with both experienced developers and high gender diversity, making it a prime choice for growing your team. Hire elite developers, mobile app developers, QA engineers, and more in Poland 40% faster with Terminal.

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With talented, senior engineers and a dynamic startup marketplace, Poland is officially on the map as a hiring destination for fast-growing US startups.

This European country is making major investments into its tech industry, with government acceleration programs and a fast-track visa program for immigrant engineers. With high talent availability, quality and English proficiency, it’s the perfect hiring market for your tech team.

Polish engineer collaborates virtually with Chilean engineer

Achievable time zone alignment for productivity boosts

  • While Poland may not offer the same time zone alignment as Canada or Latin America, it still offers 3-5 hours of team overlap with US-based teams. Many engineers in Poland have experience working with US companies, and excel in proactive remote working styles.

Quality meets quantity in this booming developer talent pool

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160k +
engineers and related technical professionals
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globally in English proficiency
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8.5 years
experience in tech and development
A computer screen with remote engineers in a Zoom meeting

High-powered engineering teams, fully remote

  • Terminal helps you find full-time, fully remote tech talent to build your engineering teams. Then, we go beyond recruiting – as the Employer of Record, we take care of all paperwork and legal red tape, onboarding and ongoing admin services, and offer expert localized HR. As part of their comprehensive benefits packages, engineers receive workspace budgets to enhance their home offices for optimal remote productivity.

Four engineers from Canada, Mexico, Chile and Colombia

Tapping into tech talent around the world

  • Along with our newest markets in Poland, Terminal’s recruiting network extends to tech hotspots in Spain, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico. With a multi-market hiring approach, you’ll rapidly scale your engineering team and gain access to a diverse set of perspectives to fuel innovation for your next big project.

David Wiesen

“Working with Terminal helped us do everything, not just faster, but certainly faster and better. When you work with a company that has expertise in that market and country, you get things right off the bat. We get an HR team who knows about the hiring laws and benefits laws. And we get a recruiter who already has a network.”

David Wiesen

Co-Founder + Director of Engineering, Nextdoor

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