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Remote HR | Guide

Nearly 90% of engineering leaders have never managed a remote team.

With today’s mass shift toward remote, team members are facing more isolation, burnout, and communication challenges than ever. This is why strong remote leadership has never been so crucial to employee retention and happiness as it is now.


Improve your team dynamics and remote culture

This comprehensive resource outlines best-in-class tactics on how to nurture collaboration, communication, and trust in your remote team through strong remote management. Whether you're an engineering manager or VP, this guide is a go-to handbook to step into your full power as a remote team leader.

In this guide you'll learn:
  • How to create a rock-solid remote engineering culture and management strategy
  • The VP’s role in establishing a productive remote work environment
  • Best practices for streamlining remote hiring
  • How to appropriately match engineering salaries with specific locations
  • Tactics to master remote onboarding to get new hires collaborating faster
  • Ways to leverage time zone alignment for team member effectiveness
  • Tips on understanding when to hire managers “on the ground”
  • Trusted leadership advice for new remote managers
Now’s the time to level up your remote management skills.

With remote engineering, there needs to be a more explicit focus on calling people to talk one-on-one. Call people without an agenda, just to check in and listen. Remote work is an opportunity for leaders and managers to put more focus on active listening techniques.

— Demian Entrekin, Founder and CTO, Bluescape
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