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Engineering leadership | Guide

Investing in employee mental health = investing in the health of your company

Balancing complex work with the anxieties and uncertainty of COVID-19 is not easy – and it’s putting unprecedented pressure on employees. From individual contributors to senior leadership, the circumstances are creating a mental health crisis that companies can’t afford to ignore.


Managing mental health for engineering teams.

In partnership with employee mental health experts Spring Health and Psychology Compass, we’ve created Managing mental health for engineering teams during COVID-19, a new insight-packed resource to guide you through supporting the mental health of your engineering teams during COVID.

In this guide you'll learn:
  • Creative solutions to combat employee isolation
  • How to promote mental health awareness in the workplace
  • Ways to assess your company’s mental health policies
  • 6 steps for managers to help employees through a crisis
  • Tools for keeping remote companies connected through COVID
  • Five mental health benefits to consider
  • Tactics for preventing team burnout
Download Managing mental health for engineering teams during COVID-19:

Empathy is a key skill that all remote engineering leaders must have. Each individual employee on the team will adjust and have their own routine for working most effectively in a remote environment, and it's important to be empathetic to each individual person's situation and way of working.

— Kerri McKinney, Terminal’s Global Director of Talent Acquisition
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