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Hiring + recruiting | Blog Post

Top 7 BairesDev Competitors for Hiring Remote Developers in 2024

Adesuwa Ebuehi

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BairesDev stands out as a premier nearshore software development company, boasting a robust network of over 4,000 elite tech specialists from Latin America. Offering a spectrum of related services, it provides a formidable platform for sourcing the right professional talent. However, it’s essential to recognize that it may not serve as a universal solution for every talent requirement in your development team. So, we’ve put together this article to guide you in navigating your options.

We discuss BairesDev and its features and highlight its drawbacks. Then, we outline the best BairesDev competitors for finding developer talent in 2024. 

What is BairesDev and What Are Its Features? 

BairesDev is a technology solution company based in Latin America that operates both nearshore and offshore talent outsourcing and hiring models. When the platform launched in 2009, it operated a nearshore service inspired by a significant Latin American developer market gap. It sourced a growing pool of skilled developers from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Harvard, and San Francisco, where it now has offices. 

BairesDev’s nearshore model covers tech companies in Canada and America, while its offshore outsourcing serves companies in Western Europe and beyond. The platform’s professionals have worked in startups and major companies, including Fortune 500 companies like Adobe, HP, and Google.

  • BairesDev has a team of relevant specialists to help create business roadmaps and provide assistance with solution architecture for developing or digitally restructuring your business. 
  • BairesDev can provide the professionals needed to assemble an entire team, from Product Managers and QA Engineers to Database Administrators and Systems Analysts. If your company already has its own IT staff, BairesDev is able to offer an “extended team” of professionals who will work with your local team, report directly to your managers, and attend daily meetings. 
  • If you lack an in-house developer team for a project and don’t have the funds to hire one, you can outsource the project to BairesDev’s own team of highly skilled professionals. 
  • BairesDev’s talent pool offers developers skilled in virtually all programming languages. Moreover, there are specialists in many fields ranging from Custom Software Development, quality assurance testing, and UX/UI design to AI, data science, and mobile app development.
  • BairesDev pricing is project-based and very predictable; it can allow you to know how much an arrangement will cost you upfront.
  • The vetting process for a developer to join BairesDev’s talent pool is very rigorous. As the website claims, a million developers apply annually, and only the top 1% get accepted.
  • With its nearshore service, BairesDev allows companies in Canada and the US  to tap into Latin America’s emerging software developer market. This comes with many benefits regarding costs, legal requirements, cultural compatibility, and innovative capacity. 

Why Should You Consider BairesDev Competitors?

In many regards, BairesDev is a good choice for outsourcing but has weaknesses as a full-service hiring platform. Depending on your requirements, BairesDev may not always be the best option:

  • If you’re a product-focused company, BairesDev isn’t a great choice, as it focused only outsourced teams.  It offers no full-time hiring or contract-to-hire options, which is critical for product-focused companies looking to hire missionaries not mercenaries.
  • BairesDev can help you find the developers, but it does not help you integrate them into your company. The best it offers is a brief step-by-step guide to onboarding your developers. This is a major turn-off, especially as many BairesDev competitors also take care of onboarding to make things easier for both the client and the developer. 
  • The platform has a narrow talent focus since it centers entirely on technology services. While this has its advantages, it also means you may have to look elsewhere for more skills outside its scope, such as technical writing, audio-visual editing, or blockchain technology. 
  • BairesDev has a streamlined market focus, given that its recruitment brings in Latin American developers to the exclusion of any other region.
  • BairesDev pricing is not transparent and difficult to find from 
  • BairesDev considerably lacks flexibility and customization. It does offer augmentation and dedicated teams, but its hiring arrangements are not flexible enough to suit much more flexible options like short-term, freelance, full-time employment, or contract-to-hire. 
  • BairesDev does not offer trial periods or other quality assurances for its clients; that’s ironic for a company that prides itself on, among other things, offering top-of-the-line quality assurance engineer talent. 

Best BairesDev Competitors in 2024

So far, we have seen what BairesDev offers and the areas where it fails or underperforms. So, let’s answer the question that naturally follows: What better options are there, and what do they offer? vs BairesDev is a remote developer hiring platform that offers instant access to highly skilled and experienced developers from Latin America, North America, and Europe. Putting together the best of human talent assessment skills and smart technology, Terminal provides the finest developer-to-role matching among the many BairesDev competitors. Its talent pool has over 1000 elite development specialists and has built over 125 high-performing teams that have worked for companies like Chime, Him & Hers, and TRANSFIX.

Terminal is much younger than BairesDev, having launched in 2016. However, what it lacks in comparative industry experience, it makes up for in being more abreast with contemporary trends in the developer hiring market. To clarify this, let’s compare Terminal to BairesDev on the vital metrics of talent sourcing, pricing, contract terms, and quality assurance.

Talent Sourcing

Given how much digitally driven sectors have been growing in Latin America, many startups need access to the subcontinent’s growing digital talent pool. Just like BairesDev, Terminal services this demand by offering a very robust pool of developers from the region. 

Terminal does not have BairesDev’s limited talent sourcing scope, however. Aside from the thriving Latin American developer market, it also draws talent from Canada and Europe, especially Eastern European countries like Romania, Hungary, and Poland. Developers from these regions are also in high demand, after all. 

In addition to having a broader developer network, Terminal has more scope in terms of levels of professional expertise. Its primary focus may be providing mid to elite-level professionals for established companies and thriving startups. Still, it also offers entry-level talent, including developers with up to 3 years experience. BairesDev can’t match this. For example, countries like Chile and Mexico have a considerable entry and mid-level talent pool. Yet, you will hardly find any BairesDev Chile or Mexico entry-level professionals. 

Pricing and Costs

Unfortunately, BairesDev doesn’t publicize its pricing or cost model. By comparison, provides good insight into its average costs. Wages range from $4000 to $12000 monthly, although you should note that the developers set their own pay terms. One significant advantage has over BairesDev is that it fully integrates the developer into your company. It handles the entire onboarding process in exchange for a small fee of no more than a few thousand dollars. These are all the charges you must pay when hiring through Terminal, and you know them even before applying. 

However, Terminal’s most significant pricing incentive has to be that its focus on the Latin American, Canadian, and European regions results in up to 60% operational cost savings, especially for startups hiring in the US. 

Contract terms

Hiring developers on Terminal is an entirely enjoyable affair, to say the least; simply outclasses BairesDev in this area on so many levels. 

To begin with, Terminal offers much more flexible contract terms than BairesDev. In addition to dedicated full-time employee arrangements, the former offers short-term, freelance, project-based, and contract-to-hire. Should you require customized talent sourcing, Terminal also has you covered. 

Trial Offer and Quality Assurance

Trial offers and quality assurances significantly boost the credibility of tech talent platforms, as they further assure client startups that they will get their money’s worth. Unfortunately, BairesDev doesn’t have any such packages. By contrast, offers peace of mind through a satisfaction guarantee. For full-time hires, in the unlikely event that a developer turns out to be the wrong fit, you can request a free replacement, provided it is within three months of their resumption. Beyond that time, you must pay full recruitment fees, but Terminal will ensure that you get a replacement. 

For contract hires, you will get up to 14 days of free trial if you hire on a contract basis. 

Want to see Terminal’s developers instantly? View vetted engineers for free now

Naprok vs BairesDev

Naprok is a remote developer sourcing company that leverages AI to streamline development processes at every stage and connect tech companies with skilled talent. The platform has high recruiting standards and prides itself on transparency and assurances against fraudulence, including developer opportunism and shadow employees. Now, let’s measure Naprok against BairesDev. 

Suppose you need talent specifically from Latin America. You might find that, for example, BairesDev Costa Rica or Chile developers meet your requirements better. However, Naprok is better if you need to pick from a broader talent pool. Although most of its developers come from Europe, the platform’s developers are globally sourced. 

Naprok does appear to have a page with its pricing on display, but we’ve been able to gather that it charges rates on an hourly basis. It also has a free account, where you can pay developer rates but no fees, and a paid account, with an additional $17 monthly fee. 

Regarding contract terms, Naprok appears less advantageous than the other BairesDev competitors. It only offers full-time employee arrangements. However, its global reach talent sourcing allows it to provide both nearshore and offshore developer services. Plus, Naprok has a hiring time of 2 to 7 days, which is more than BairesDev’s 2 to 5 weeks. Moreover, it offers a 14-day trial period, unlike BairesDev, which provides none.

Toptal vs BairesDev

Toptal is a tailored and exclusive global network of top-rated freelancers specializing in various professions. Right off the bat, you can see a major advantage it has over BairesDev. 

Freelance contracts have become very popular, given the growing contemporary demand for more flexible access to developer services, especially for short projects. BairesDev has a broader range of options, including its augmentation, outsourcing, and dedicated team arrangements. But it lacks any of the flexibility that comes with wieldier options like freelance and short-term arrangements. 

In terms of talent sourcing, Toptal has more reach since it sources talent globally. Furthermore, no matter the type of remote skill you need, Toptal’s diverse pool of expertise in everything from design and development to project management and editing almost certainly has what you need. 

Toptal has some of the most favorable pricing among our BairesDev competitors. Not only are its costs transparent, but they are also affordable. Developer rates range from $60 to $200 hourly. There is also an upfront fee of just $500, which you will get back if you ultimately decide against hiring. If you choose to hire, your new freelancers will start on a two-week trial period, and you can try out up to three developers simultaneously. 

KreekAfrica vs BairesDev

Aside from Latin America and Eastern Europe, Africa is another region with a fast-emerging tech talent sector. And if you want to leverage this growing pool of moderately to highly talented developers, that’s where freelance platforms like the Mauritius-based KreekAfrica come in. 

KreekAfrica recruits from around the globe, but many of its tech developers come from Africa’s fast-emerging talent pool. It has various freelance professionals, including programmers, writers, designers, marketers, legal practitioners, accountants, and administrators. Should you require local fashion, beauty, logistics, electronic, maintenance, and interior decor professionals, the platform has those, too. It is truly an all-in-one hiring solution. 

Pricing isn’t one of KreekAfrica’s most appealing points, as it gives little to go on aside from its using marketplace pricing. It’s also a freelancer-centric company. Although this makes it more limited in contract types, it makes for a more contemporarily relevant talent provider, especially for startups that don’t have the budget for more fixed terms. Finally, while KreekAfrica does not appear to have any trial period, it has a support team trained to ensure clients are satisfied with their developer placement. 

Turing vs BairesDev

Turing is a data science-driven, cloud-based platform specializing in quickly assembling engineering teams for companies. It is a deep jobs platform with built-in automation involved in talent vetting, monitoring, insurance, salary payments, etc. 

The Palo Alto-based full-stack talent provider is fully remote and has over a million developers in its community, including specialists in over 100 technologies. Like other BairesDev competitors, Turing developers come from around the globe. While one might expect the hiring process to take longer because of its global scope, Turing can hire a developer in 3 to 5 days. 

Turing has a major shortfall concerning hiring flexibility due to not hiring freelance or gig workers. It doesn’t disclose its hiring costs either. Given all these, its risk-free two-week trial period is surely a redeeming feature. Still, it is a generally excellent alternative to BairesDev.

Andela vs BairesDev

Andela is another developer sourcing platform focusing significantly on the African tech talent market. When it launched in 2014, the platform was geared towards training and outsourcing developers from countries like Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria. It has since become a more globalized operation, sourcing over 175,000 developers from 37 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America. 

Aside from its advantage in scope, Andela also offers onboarding and support services, which BairesDev doesn’t. It can provide entry, mid-, senior, and elite-level developers skilled and experienced in many jobs, including media coordination, software engineering, and operations analysis. 

Andela is not very favorable or transparent on pricing, and it doesn’t have any trial offers. It doesn’t even seem to have freelance developers in its talent pool. However, Andela does have its integration service, including hands-on support and performance monitoring for the developer’s initial 90 days. That does count towards assuring the clients of quality service. 

Gigster vs BairesDev

Gigster specializes in linking businesses with skilled developers for custom software development. The company sources talent worldwide from its central location in Silicon Valley, including over 800 world-class software developers, 200 project managers, and 100 web, UI, and UX designers. 

As the platform name suggests, Gigster offers freelance developers under the gig model. It focuses primarily on startups and teams that need to develop custom applications and don’t require full-time developers. 

The platform charges based on the project, with the minimum pricing being $52,000 per project. 

Gigster can get you a developer for any custom software development job or assemble a team within days. 

The Top BairesDev Competitor is Terminal

BairesDev is an excellent remote talent hiring and development outsourcing platform for companies needing Latin American developer talent. But as we’ve seen, there are many BairesDev competitors that can meet your requirements better. 

In our assessment – and we’re biased – is the most favorable option. Not only does it offer talent from Latin America’s fast-emerging talent pool, but it also sources from North America and Europe. It offers the best pricing, with affordable upfront costs and developer salary ranges. Additionally, its timezone-derived cost savings make remote hiring on Terminal cheaper than arguably anywhere else while allowing you to build full-time or contract teams. To cap it off, Terminal offers the most flexible contract terms and the juiciest trial offer. 

Terminal helps you save 40 to 60% in cost by opening up more cost effective global talent pool. We also help you hire up to 40% faster through our always-on recruiting pipeline, ensuring you have great candidates immediately for your roles. Get started by viewing talent today, or contact us for more info!

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