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Hiring + recruiting | Blog Post

Top 10 Tips for Recruiting Software Engineers

Wes Mitchell-Lewis

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Software engineers are in high demand and have their pick of job opportunities. In terms of business competition, strong recruitment is necessary for your company to expand and compete. As business success is rooted in its team members, use these 10 tips to accelerate recruiting software engineers, give your company a solid foundation, and lay the groundwork for success. 

1. Create a Hiring Plan for Recruiting Software Engineers

To recruit software engineers that will best fulfill your needs, create a structured hiring plan that includes budget, the roles team members should fill, and what these hires will contribute to your business goals. As part of this plan, you’ll want to develop methods for recruiting prospective hires, streamlining the interview stage, and onboarding new team members.

2. Research Engineering Positions

Having a solid blueprint of what new additions will be expected to do is necessary for a good hiring plan. After all, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, chances are the engineers you end up hiring will be chosen arbitrarily. 

To recruit talented engineers, you’ll want to take some time to understand what skills and experience an engineering role requires, whether that’s a degree or a certain amount of experience in their field. If you want to make sure that candidates have the background necessary for your role, be sure to ask for a portfolio upon application. 

It is also necessary to understand salary expectations to offer a salary that will attract higher talent. 

3. Create Appealing and Engaging Jobs Ads

Engineers are in high demand which means, you’ll have to use every method available to make your job stand out. Ads are a great way to do this. When you recruit software engineers, be sure to write up a detailed job description, including expectations, requirements, hiring processes, and salary. Highlight the benefits offered by your position, whether that includes opportunities for further training, remote employment options, flexible work weeks, or exciting benefits. 

4. Answer Questions

Transparency is essential throughout the recruiting process. Consider creating a FAQ page and ensure potential team members can contact your team throughout the entire process – from the recruitment campaign to onboarding. 

5. Get Referrals From Current Employees

Your current team understands first-hand how your company works and what it takes to thrive within it. Use an employee referral program to recruit engineers from colleagues, friends, and peers of current team members. 

6. Use Digital Channels

Digital communication has become the default and can be used for your next recruitment campaign. You can reach far more people over social media, forums, text, email, and networks such as LinkedIn than by any other communication channel. 

7. Outsource to Expert Recruiters

If you don’t have the time to recruit employees yourself, agencies can help.  There are upsides and downsides to outsourced recruiting – you’ll have less immediate contact with prospective employees, but you’ll have experts you can trust taking care of time-consuming preliminary steps, like researching roles and evaluating potential employees. 

Terminal might be just what you’re looking for. With a talent pool that averages 10 years of experience, Terminal does the research and helps you create the team your business needs. Our experts can find and hire talent quickly so your company doesn’t need to wait for success. 

8. Put Time and Effort Into Software Engineer Interviews

Effective interviews help you get to know candidates and determine if they are the right fit for your role. Remember, not everyone who does an interview is meant to work for your company. 

Ask questions that identify if the potential hire can problem solve, think analytically, and apply their technical knowledge. 

If candidates are uncertain about working for you, use the interviews to sell your company. 

9. Assess Passion and Dedication

When interviewing candidates and recruiting software engineers, remember that technical skills and experience aren’t the only things you’re looking for – a successful team needs motivation, passion, and enthusiasm as well. 

10. Foster Trust and Engagement

Offer new hires the support they need with great training and communication as they learn the ropes of their new role. Starting a new job is an exciting time, so use that momentum to carry them through their first few weeks as they find their place in your company. 

Maximize Recruiting Software Engineers

In today’s competitive environment, recruiters need to use all the resources available to them. Focus on highlighting the benefits of your company by building trust through strong communication and research to develop a team that’s experienced, driven, united, and dedicated. 

Continue to explore the rest of Terminal’s content offerings. If you are interested in learning more about how Terminal can support your organization and accomplish your development goals, please get in touch with our team!

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