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The Remarkable Rise of DoorDash and Engineering Leadership

August 25, 2021

DoorDash is the number one food delivery app in the United States, with over 18 million users and 56% of the American food delivery market share. Terminal connects engineers with remote opportunities at innovative U.S. tech companies – without requiring them to relocate. We’re teaming up to assemble a team in Mexico to build the world’s most reliable on-demand logistics engine for delivery.

In this Terminal Tech Talk Ryan Sokol, Vice President of Engineering at DoorDash sits down with Terminal co-founder Dylan Serota to discuss building diverse teams, engineering culture, and leading organizations through hyper-growth at a $60B public company (NYSE: DASH).

Join this event to learn:

- What it takes to build and support diverse engineering teams around the world and why global engineers should consider Doordash as we take an in-depth look at their engineering culture and remote support
- Hear why Doordash chose Mexico as a dynamic talent hotspot and how Ryan Sokol is building a global infrastructure to bring these teams into the fold
- How engineers can explore this exciting opportunity with Terminal and Doordash and answer any questions on your mind

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