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Video | Tech Talks

Building high performance web apps with Elixir and Phoenix

September 17, 2020

In this Terminal Tech Talk, Tam will walk us through an overview of the Elixir language and the Phoenix framework. Elixir is a highly performant functional programming language based on the Erlang Virtual Machine with syntax inspired by Ruby. Phoenix is a web application framework inspired by Ruby on Rails with many exciting features such as LiveView.

They have both been growing in importance as more and more major companies including Discord and Pepsico use them in production. Tam will showcase some of the features of the language and framework using live code examples with CodeCast. CodeCast is built using Elixir & Phoenix, so you will have a live example of a platform built using them. The goal is that by the end of your talk, you will be excited enough to give them a try for your next project.

Some of the things that we will discuss include:

- Why functional programming and why Elixir.
- General overview of the Elixir and Phoenix.
- Pros and cons of using Elixir and Phoenix.
- Some of the some of their unique features.
- When to choose them and when not to.

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