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Video | Tech Talks

Building high performance product teams

May 25, 2021

Curious about how leaders build top performing product and engineering organizations? If you can ask one of Silicon Valley's top product leaders any question, what would it be? This is your chance, as Terminal's thrilled to bring Adil Ajmal to our Tech Talks stage!

Adil has grown product and engineering teams from very small to very large across multiple different businesses. Four of these were acquired by large publicly traded companies including TenMarks Education (Amazon), Posterous (Twitter), PhotoSite (United Online) and Homestead (Intuit). Today, Adil serves as CTO & CPO of Fandom, the world’s largest fan platform, encompassing creator tools, experiences, content and commerce. Fandom is also the world’s #1 source for entertainment storylines, characters, levels and lore, with over 300 million unique monthly visitors and 250,000 communities.

This program will be moderated by Samuel Legge, a product leader who built product teams at North before the startup was acquired through Google’s first fully-remote acquisition in 2020.

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